‘Interior decorator Sasha Waddell had been quietly designing her light, fresh, Swedish –inspired interiors for almost two decades, before Susan Crewe commissioned her to design her London house. Sasha’s emphasis on painted floorboards and white-on-white palette has undoubtedly influenced modern decorating trends.’
House & Garden

‘I’m thrilled with my new/old home. It is comfortable, welcoming and practical. I love how it looks, and I feel safe and happy in it. And I couldn’t have achieved it without Sasha, who gave me what I asked for, plus quite a lot that I didn’t know I wanted.’
Susan Crewe House & Garden

‘Significantly, 20 years ago, Waddell was the leading pioneer of the pared-down Scandinavian chic look which remains one of the most fashionable, relaxed living styles around today.’
The English Home

‘Sasha Waddell pioneered the pared-down, Swedish look in England in the early eighties, and her calm, cool London home makes a perfect backdrop for her latest furniture  designs’
Homes & Gardens


‘We love the way Sasha has made the space work.’ says Lucie ‘It is so light and airy that when you wake up, you don’t experience the need to leave the house, because you feel you are outside.’
Country Homes and Interiors

Visual or non visual , we can all learn; what Sasha Waddell has to teach us is that the most important step we take in design is not choosing the furniture and fabrics, but sitting down and thinking why we want what we want.’
Homes & Gardens

The interiors look of the moment is understated, simple, fresh, natural and elegant. It owes a debt to Scandinavian and Shaker design, and it’s a style  that Sasha Waddell has been working with for over a decade.’
Country Homes and Interiors  

Apart from her bedroom, which is bright and busy by virtue of the walls of checked fabric, Waddell’s house is a good example of her decorating philosophy, which is to simplify. ‘It is better to have a simple idea and do it well than to have a brilliant idea and do it badly’ she says.’
The Times Magazine