Twelve Natural Colours Carpet Collection

As the floor is one of the largest areas in a room, it needs to be in a receding colour, to allow furniture to sit on it comfortably. To find a carpet to do this it must be of a quiet pallet. Sasha originally created these colours for interior design projects, as she was never able to find off the shelf carpets that would do this.

This collection of pure wool velvets has the same cool and subtle colouring that is a signature of Sasha's style.

'I have always maintained that natural fibre underfoot is essential for comfort and colour, which is why pure new wool from New Zealand is the best. It is the cleanest and whitest wool available and this makes it possible to dye the subtlest colour that I strive for.' This bespoke pure wool velvet carpet is woven from 100% New Zealand wool, available in 4 qualities to suit all domestic requirements. The carpet is wide enough to cover most rooms with no seams, 4.55 m wide.

The Sasha Waddell Carpet Collection is available at:

The Carpet Library
148 Wandsworth Bridge Rd
London SW6 2UH
Tel. 020 7736 3664
Fax. 020 7736 7554

NEW: There will be a new collection of carpets coming out in September 2006